Saturday, 16 June 2012

Noble Monks

Homemade toasted granola with rhubarb compote and poached pears
Bargain $7! I think it was missing the greek style yoghurt which would have definitely hit the spot!
Coffee is amazing! But of course it would be, pretty sure its supplied by the best in town!!

In regional country towns you can be lucky to get just a good Thai restaurant.
Shepparton is lucky to to boast a few good cafes and restaurants, but sadly the variety is limited.
So when something new comes to town, we're on it like bees to honey.

Noble Monks is locally owned and brings a Melbourne-like vibe to town.
Within the last week I have had the luxury of being able to go for brunch, dinner and drinks.
The walls are bare, red brick with a bike, moose head and a couple of posters that line the walls.
The ceilings are high, and there is a tree in the centre of one of the tables. (yes thats right, a real, live tree, the concept is good, but can be impractical when trying to talk across the table).
Apart from the bar stools and benches, there are some comfy recliners to chill out for Friday night drinks and black leather couches to sit around and share finger food.
Service is pub style, order at the bar kinda thing. Meals are fairly cheap, around the $15-25 mark and a fairly good range of beer, wine and spirits.
Overall, I was fairly impressed with the food. Finally portion sizes that are appropriate.
You don't feel overfull, just right.
Flavours are good and food is cooked just right.
I think this place is still finding its niche, "Am I a bar, Am I a tapas bar, Am I for brunch..."

Definitely worth the visit and worth waiting to find out what type of establishment this place finds itself.

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