Monday, 20 June 2011

Vivid light show

Long weekend trip back home with sayang, I wanted to show off what Sydney has to offer in terms of food! Compared to our rival Melbourne, I think that Sydney does pretty well for itself. We dined in Sydney's "best Thai restaurant".. (which happened to be in 2002)... We had a hearty duck red curry that filled your mouth and tummy with warmth and left you feeling like you were back at home, enjoying a good laugh with your family.
But what really showed off our delectable delights was Cruise bar - sitting right across from the Opera House we could see the vivid light show... beautiful, vivid colours and patterns moving across the sails of the Opera House. Really did set the ambiance for our amazing meal that followed... Unfortunately i didnt want to outdo my "food wanka" skills, so I only got to take a photo of our dessert. A berri dessert with vanilla bean ice cream, it had these beautiful little red flowers that were sweet and bitter in the same bite!

The next day we checked out the new Centre point tower Westfields and enjoyed some delightful afternoon tea - macaroons!!! It's rare to enjoy a biscuit that you could hear the crunch of the biscuit followed by the smoothness and stickyness of the almond meal centre inside!

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  1. heyy! i didnt know you were in sydney town during vivid?