Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tea rooms to alley ways to Taiwanese...

Hopetoun Tea Room - Where ladies do tea in absolute pleasure and indulgence.
You can find this gem in the Block Arcade on Collins street.
I was just walking past and stopped, mesmerised in baked good beauty. 
The variety of baked foods felt like you were looking into Willy Wonka's cousin's baked good factory!
The line was too long, but I think I will definitely be looking to lunch here with the ladies!

Bourke Street laneway 
 In Sydney we would call this an 'alleyway' where you would find the homeless, drug dealers or those looking for some lovin'
Melbourne on the other hand actually utilise these spaces for the good of man kind!

Cute little pictures around the place - very japanese style
Some examples "Paul Frank... is not your friend"
"Make love, not babies"

Crispy chicken box!!! (ok you almost need to say this in a Japanese accent.. it's sooo good)
Rice is alright, your typical fried rice. But hello crispy chicken (hit me with the asian accent!)
This stuff is delicious! I taste chinese 5 spice, garlic, perhaps coriander with corn flour, pepper and deep fried!! Man the Colonel has got some competition.

The rest of the menu seems fairly average, a good mix of Chinese and Japanese style dishes, price is moderate $8-10 for a main meal.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Doing Melbourne like a tourist - Part 2

Googling, city searching, timeout three-thousand and good food guiding it, I found Heirloom.
A modern Japanese Izakaya and sake bar (aka place to drink and eat). It is a fusion between traditional Japanese and French cuisine. I was drawn to this place because the foodlooked remarkable, however when I arrived, ambience is what truly lacked. The ceilings were high, it was cold and it felt that we were the only ones dining, even tho the majority of tables were filled.

Green tea ice-cream with soy sauce macaroon - (yes thats right folks, soy sauce flavour!) This was the most exciting flavour I have come across. It was sweet, but in a starchy kinda way. The biscuit was a little dry but you hardly notice because the flavour just takes over!

Last day in Melbourne, time to soak up some cultural-ness.

But first stop, brekkie.
Wandering the streets of Melbourne, just before the rain hit we found Caboose Canteen.
A little rustic cafe with a hint of modernism on Swanston st, right next to Brunettis (Perfect for dessert afterwards if it was another time of the day).

The coffee is not too bad, a little on the bitter side but seeing as it is fair trade coffee, it kinda makes you feel good that you are supporting the good guys of food!
The menu here is seasonal, so you know that the ingredients will be fresh and not over priced for something that doesn't grow this time of year. 

Grilled corn fritters with spicy tomato chutney and avocado salsa - Perfect portion size, well cooked, it didn't have that squishy, doughy taste that some corn fritters can have. The tomato chutney was definitely made in house, and all in combination together it was scrumptious way to star the day. But if you are a bit on the sensitive side to spice, be wary of the salsa!
$ Price - was about $15.00

Ganache chocolate macaroons - My love affair for macaroons continues...
Lavender, Green tea, raspberry, cappuccino, lemon and pistachio.
I think I have found my new favourite macaroon place. Although they macaroons are less uniform in size, the fillings are just devine. You really can taste the flavour, the filling is very moist and lives up the texture of ganache - thick and creamy. 
$ Price - $15.50 for 6 (about average price)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Doing Melbourne like a tourist... part 1

Showing off Melbourne to my friend from Sydney, I wanted to showcase some of my favourites.

Where better to start than Degraves Espresso?
I fell in love with this place one cold afternoon, looking for a quick bite. I was thoroughly satisfied with their super delicious french toast with strawberries and maple syrup! Finally a truly sweet french toast, none of that bacon business!

This place doesn't need a website, it is blogged about like crazy because food lovers know that Degraves Espresso is a must!

This time I thought I should branch out and try something new...

Green Eggs and Smoked salmon on sourdough - a twist on an old favourite. 
Decent serving of salmon with scrambled eggs with ?coriander/parsley and a dash of chilli
Mmm and that sourdough... give me more carbs!!! 

Breakfast bruschetta with extra chorizo - a bitey branchy meal, with a perfectly poached egg
Again, really generous serve of chorizo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Masterchef 2012 begins!

There were feelings of despair when it had already hit March and there was no sign of Masterchef returning 2012... but alas, it has started this May and certainly seems that this year they have a much bigger budget to play with.

I love this pic - you can tell that George really does love his food <3

It is portrayed the Australia paved the way for the international MasterChef phenomenon, and I would have to agree. After watching the original, British version you will understand why. Surprisingly the Brits avoid the drama and juicy stuff and just focus purely on the cooking... yeaaa... I can watch Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for that! I wanna bitch, gossip, cry and laugh with these people! Give me drama!

So far, we have met a mixed bag of characters. Sadly my favourite was eliminated after the French challenge. The asian interpreter dude, man this guy has tears on tap! I love that just a reality tv show, can elicit such emotion! 

I think this early in the competition, we are still getting to know the contestants - but when week 10 comes we will surely have our favourites.