Sunday, 19 August 2012

Great Ocean Road (that takes you to a world full of indulgence)

Visiting the 4 Apostles (nee 12 Apostles) was a beautiful moment, reminding myself that this world still some some natural beauty left. It is incredible what nature can create.
Other incredible wonders of nature, is the celebrated produce of the Great Ocean Road.
The winding roads between Lorne to Apollo Bay to Princetown, I was lucky to take in the fresh air with scents of spring wattle and see a lot of what Australia is proud to produce.
Otway beef, Apostle whey cheese, Apollo Bay fishing co-cop, craft breweries and berry farms...
Places I wish that I had the time to see all, but only lucky to visit a few.

Not far from the Apostles we found Apostle Whey Cheese. A "cheesery" (?) owned and run by a couple and a friend who hand make all of their cheeses. There are dairy cows behind the cheese factory, and I'm guessing they might have a hand in these cheeses! 
We are greeted by a lovely, friendly woman who loves her cheese. We try about 10 different types of cheese from brie to havarti to fetta... all designed by owners and learn it takes upto 15 hours on "Cheese making day" to develop these fine, full bodied beauties. 

We went with the chill and garlic fetta and made it into spaghetti al olio! Beautiful!


Further down the road, we stopped in Colac to find a light bite. We found the Trocadeo cafe.
Not much is open on a Sunday afternoon and we definitely weren't expecting... 
BACLAVA HEAVEN!! There was an entire glass cabinet filled with Balaclava and other arab sweets... maaannn... how can you resist this?

 3 for $5 (bargain!) Pistacchio baclava
Regular baclava

Not sure, but looks good!

Other sweets that filled the glass cabinets... seriously, this is where you score a quality sugar hit!

Oh... and this is what I ordered after snapping out of baclava heaven...

~$8 Cheese and Spinach triangle - served with rice, potato, salad and beans with a mouth watering, olive and vinegar dressing. 
Perfectly seasoned so it literally makes your mouth water as it hits your tongue!

I was expecting it to be processed and oily. But far from my expectations. It was fresh and was made from unprocessed ingredients. Not bad Colac...

stay tuned for part 2...

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