Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tea rooms to alley ways to Taiwanese...

Hopetoun Tea Room - Where ladies do tea in absolute pleasure and indulgence.
You can find this gem in the Block Arcade on Collins street.
I was just walking past and stopped, mesmerised in baked good beauty. 
The variety of baked foods felt like you were looking into Willy Wonka's cousin's baked good factory!
The line was too long, but I think I will definitely be looking to lunch here with the ladies!

Bourke Street laneway 
 In Sydney we would call this an 'alleyway' where you would find the homeless, drug dealers or those looking for some lovin'
Melbourne on the other hand actually utilise these spaces for the good of man kind!

Cute little pictures around the place - very japanese style
Some examples "Paul Frank... is not your friend"
"Make love, not babies"

Crispy chicken box!!! (ok you almost need to say this in a Japanese accent.. it's sooo good)
Rice is alright, your typical fried rice. But hello crispy chicken (hit me with the asian accent!)
This stuff is delicious! I taste chinese 5 spice, garlic, perhaps coriander with corn flour, pepper and deep fried!! Man the Colonel has got some competition.

The rest of the menu seems fairly average, a good mix of Chinese and Japanese style dishes, price is moderate $8-10 for a main meal.

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