Friday, 18 May 2012

Doing Melbourne like a tourist - Part 2

Googling, city searching, timeout three-thousand and good food guiding it, I found Heirloom.
A modern Japanese Izakaya and sake bar (aka place to drink and eat). It is a fusion between traditional Japanese and French cuisine. I was drawn to this place because the foodlooked remarkable, however when I arrived, ambience is what truly lacked. The ceilings were high, it was cold and it felt that we were the only ones dining, even tho the majority of tables were filled.

Green tea ice-cream with soy sauce macaroon - (yes thats right folks, soy sauce flavour!) This was the most exciting flavour I have come across. It was sweet, but in a starchy kinda way. The biscuit was a little dry but you hardly notice because the flavour just takes over!

Last day in Melbourne, time to soak up some cultural-ness.

But first stop, brekkie.
Wandering the streets of Melbourne, just before the rain hit we found Caboose Canteen.
A little rustic cafe with a hint of modernism on Swanston st, right next to Brunettis (Perfect for dessert afterwards if it was another time of the day).

The coffee is not too bad, a little on the bitter side but seeing as it is fair trade coffee, it kinda makes you feel good that you are supporting the good guys of food!
The menu here is seasonal, so you know that the ingredients will be fresh and not over priced for something that doesn't grow this time of year. 

Grilled corn fritters with spicy tomato chutney and avocado salsa - Perfect portion size, well cooked, it didn't have that squishy, doughy taste that some corn fritters can have. The tomato chutney was definitely made in house, and all in combination together it was scrumptious way to star the day. But if you are a bit on the sensitive side to spice, be wary of the salsa!
$ Price - was about $15.00

Ganache chocolate macaroons - My love affair for macaroons continues...
Lavender, Green tea, raspberry, cappuccino, lemon and pistachio.
I think I have found my new favourite macaroon place. Although they macaroons are less uniform in size, the fillings are just devine. You really can taste the flavour, the filling is very moist and lives up the texture of ganache - thick and creamy. 
$ Price - $15.50 for 6 (about average price)

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