Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Masterchef 2012 begins!

There were feelings of despair when it had already hit March and there was no sign of Masterchef returning 2012... but alas, it has started this May and certainly seems that this year they have a much bigger budget to play with.

I love this pic - you can tell that George really does love his food <3

It is portrayed the Australia paved the way for the international MasterChef phenomenon, and I would have to agree. After watching the original, British version you will understand why. Surprisingly the Brits avoid the drama and juicy stuff and just focus purely on the cooking... yeaaa... I can watch Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for that! I wanna bitch, gossip, cry and laugh with these people! Give me drama!

So far, we have met a mixed bag of characters. Sadly my favourite was eliminated after the French challenge. The asian interpreter dude, man this guy has tears on tap! I love that just a reality tv show, can elicit such emotion! 

I think this early in the competition, we are still getting to know the contestants - but when week 10 comes we will surely have our favourites.

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