Thursday, 17 May 2012

Doing Melbourne like a tourist... part 1

Showing off Melbourne to my friend from Sydney, I wanted to showcase some of my favourites.

Where better to start than Degraves Espresso?
I fell in love with this place one cold afternoon, looking for a quick bite. I was thoroughly satisfied with their super delicious french toast with strawberries and maple syrup! Finally a truly sweet french toast, none of that bacon business!

This place doesn't need a website, it is blogged about like crazy because food lovers know that Degraves Espresso is a must!

This time I thought I should branch out and try something new...

Green Eggs and Smoked salmon on sourdough - a twist on an old favourite. 
Decent serving of salmon with scrambled eggs with ?coriander/parsley and a dash of chilli
Mmm and that sourdough... give me more carbs!!! 

Breakfast bruschetta with extra chorizo - a bitey branchy meal, with a perfectly poached egg
Again, really generous serve of chorizo

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