Monday, 20 June 2011

happy birthday bec

For the lovely Bec's birthday we travelled out to Echuca for lunch to Oscar W's. Looking out onto the murray river and watching the old steam boats pass by, it was the perfect setting for us girls to catch up and have a laugh over some red wine.

I wanted to try something new today, because when your at a 'hatted' restaurant, it's unlikely that you will select something that is terrible... So i went for the duck. The flavours were well balanced, sweetness and a little bitter too. The spaetzle had an interesting texture, where is was soft a little bit in between gnocci and soft pasta, but felt like little balls of dough that had been squished together. The duck was moist and soft, the skin well seasoned (something i rarely have, too much saturated fat!) but unforunately it lacked the crispyness that all pheasant skins should have. I was expecting it just to crack in my mouth and allow the saltyness to amplify the flavour... (shame). Overall not a bad experience, but fell a little short of my expectations of a hatted restaurant.
Double cooked duck, spaetzle, bacon, muscat jus

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