Thursday, 29 March 2012

Selamat jalan, bon voyage my friend...

A friend, that I only recently got to know better this past summer is returning back to Kuala Lumpur (the land of dee-lish-us curries and spices). This dear friend of ours, is a lover of steak... a frequent flier of Squires Loft and fan of a decent porter house. So of course, we must celebrate and farewell at only the finest of steak providers - The Point. The whole experience of The point, starts from the moment you walk in the door. To your left is ageing beef with your different grades of steak; wagyu, grain fed and grass fed. Each marbled clearly so differently, each providing a different flavour... but likely to be so delicious.
You are seated and the waiters promptly offer you the menu, opening to the page of entrees for you. We perused the wine menu and picked a beautiful, full bodied shiraz. 
The wine was aired in a decanter and served promptly when our glasses were running low.

To start, we had an a mouse bouche, a perfect mouthful of beetroot, goats cheese and pine nut. The beetroot was sweet and the creaminess of the goats cheese was just right. You wouldn't want any more, but it did start sending those signals to my tummy, its dinner time!

So being super excited about dining here, I sussed out the menu before hand, it was hard to decide but I always like to try something new or I can't cook at home. So clearly the venison was a standout. When the waiter came to ask for my order, I wanted to sound all suave, like "yeah thats right, i regularly dine in such fine establishments"... So i casually asked for the venison... I got a look of confusion... The Point change their menu regularly, likely seasonally. So, I had clearly looked at an outdated menu. But alas, the venison was a special for the evening.

This venison was devine, talk about melting in your mouth like butter, it was well seasoned and accompanied with soft cubes of cheese, spring onions, spinach and field mushrooms. The jus married all the elements together.

And the the finale! Dessert...
Oh wait... well in fine dining establishments, they also provide you with a palate cleanser prior to dessert. I am not familiar with this, usually most multi course dinners go straight to dessert but this was lovely. 
Vanilla bean cream with passionfruit creaming soda. I am not usually a fan of mixing dairy with soft drink. but this didn't curdle. It was so delightful.

So for dessert - I was a massive dessert whore. I got my spoon around the table!
There was chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline, hidden in the middle like treasure. On top of the mousse was a mud cake, cherry meringue, cherry crumbled soft biscuit and vanilla bean ice-cream. With a mouthful of all elements, you weren't overloaded with chocolate but just swimming in chocolatey goodness.

And Oh my, the creme brûlée. They truly have taken this to another level, creme part was piped onto a bed of vanilla crumb and under a circle of light, crisp pastry. As this wasn't my dessert, i sadly didn't get to experience it all. But as you can see, truly a masterpiece.

My dessert was the lovely fruit,berry salad on a bed of apple sago. Such a simple looking dessert, but so gentle and bitey at the same time. The berries and citrus pack a punch and then the lovely soft but firm sago balls that dance on your tongue!!

This is definitely a place I must visit again!

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