Monday, 16 April 2012

Home for the holidays - Part 2

Sydney always has something to offer to salivate the taste buds, to attract the eyes with beauty and art and pique your interest with new pop up cafes and bars that are a buzz.

I was meeting a friend in Surry Hills for lunch one day, and I was strolling down Bourke St.. the temperature was about 23 degrees, light dappled on the pathway through the maple trees and I found this old police station built in 1895. It was no bigger than an old 1 bedroom Victorian house but it was so majestic made from carved sandstone.

Me-hi-co amigos!

Strolling down King street, Newtown my bestie and I fancied a quick bite and what better to satisfy our craving then a burrito. We had our hearts set on Guzman and Gomez, but being a public holiday, sadly they were closed :(

The next best thing was, Mad Mex - the Mexican version of Subway. We entered with a little hesitation, but i was intrigued about what the fuss has been about!
Anywho you walk in, look at the board and have your selection of type of bread, sauce, filling and other condiments. I went with the quesadilla thinking it would be small - oh mighty this is a big  quesadilla for you $10 something dollars. Flavour is ok, but you can't beat having a quick bite with a corona with your best mate. 

Wagaya - brilliant concept, only the Japanese would think of...

Trying to do my best at getting in as much asian food as possible, I dragged my friends to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Sydney.
This restaurant is usually packed out, they even have a little waiting room.
The place is poorly lit, whether this means they don't want you to see the food or you want to use your other senses to be enhanced to experience the food - I'm not sure. I guess what I really like about this place, is the convenience of ordering, there is a touch screen menu... WITH PICTURES!! (yes this is an essential for all asian restaurants, plus all items are numbered!)
You can swiftly, order what you want, know where your bill is at and have things brought out very promptly.

This place wouldn't pride itself on building customer relationships, but it is quick, speedy and brings out some pretty yummy food. Sashimi is ok, but the soft shell crab sushi is perfectly crispy and tasty!

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